Art  is my way of arranging the world around me. It becomes a process of  Creative Problem Solving, the act which always keeps me on my toes. Art for me is not about making masterpieces, it’s about finding the Beauty in its Mistakes,  making works of art from ashes and eraser marks. It is an Act of Rebirth. Art harnessed my Anger, boredom, and Loneliness;  it became my Salvation as a child. Art is not only in everything, but it's  MY Everything.  


  My life    has always been about perception and conceptualism; the only thing that kept me content was my imagination and eye for detail. One word set off a spark, which burned inside of my mind, igniting another idea, that ignited three more. 



   My Mind   is a forest fire, manipulating ideas like a fire distorting tree bark, becoming ashes; and like a Phoenix, everyday objects were born from these ashes, given life and given a purpose.




    Sitting   and staring becomes a form of painting on the pages of my own mind. Art is around every corner. As soon as I see something I deconstruct it, then enliven it, rebuilding it as something better.

      Art   became a part of my being, creativity shooting through my eyes, surging to each fingertip, and venturing towards my toes. 




   Now,  when I sit and draw, madness rushes through my mind, chaos collides into creativity, it's like I'm five years-old with imagination steaming out my ears, shaping the space around me all over again.



  I Never  separated the notion of art being a process of deconstruction and reconstruction. I never realized how big of an impact it would have on my life.