To empower people through creative freedom, artistic expression, and loophole-like conceptualism in all facets of life and across all industries.


Who is She?

Hey, You! 

I'm so glad you decided to stay and chat for bit, nice to e-meet you.

My name Caela, pronounced [Kay~Luh], Collins.


Bending the rules are my specialty, well genre-bending that is... I write dope books that defy age. I'm a indie CT-based children's book author who tells stories that are: 

Young enough for story/bed time,


Old enough for young advanced readers,



& Timeless enough to be a classic keepsake for adults.



I'm a business savvy person so created a business, Caela Enterprises, LLC, at 23-years-old in Jan 2019. 





Because I'm a poster child for "Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground,"

my company serves as an Umbrella for manifesting my many dreams.

           Short-Term: A Business Beast who can manage, monetize, market, and advertise brand experiences.

Long-Term: A Writer whose words cement legacy within copywriting, books, and good ol' storytelling as a Screenwriter.


As a Jack of all Trades kind of girl I don't believe in coloring in the lines or in being boxed in. I 100% know for sure that you can do anything that you set your mind to and "Good things come to those who Hustle."


I have a background in Studio Art     so my perspective is a little loopy,         but in the most tantalizing way.



I'm a Christmas-freak, Kid Cudi STAN, Leo            Virgo        


Thee Black J.K. Rowling in the making (literally Haha we write books and we share the same Bday, July 31st)